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Our Wedding

Hi Friends,

Today I wanted to share with you all about our October wedding. I have been waiting to publish this for a while because I wanted to write it in a way that sounded magical and portrayed how amazing the day really was - like when you read it you could feel the essence of the day. But I am not that type of writer and so instead, in classic Sam fashion, I'll just tell you straight up all the details and my rambling thoughts.

We chose to have our wedding at Cam's grandparents' house for a few reasons:

1) The pond made it have a unique french chateau feel in a modern space

2) Covid was happening and we were unsure if venues would stay open -- didn't want the risk 3) Cam and I watched Crazy Rich Asians and it became "our movie" and then and there we decided we wanted a water element in our wedding

The night before our wedding my bridesmaids and I slept at Cam's grandparents' house. I barely slept a wink that night. At 2 a.m. my mind also wracked up a list of helpful notes for our coordinator (don't worry I didn't text her during the night, I wrote them in a notes app and sent them in the morning). By 5 a.m. I was awake and my brain would not slow I started doing squats and reviewing wedding details until it was time for everyone else to wake up.

Once it was finally a reasonable time to be awake, and my bridesmaids started waking up too, we started to get ready. Hair and makeup were done at the same time. It was so chaotic getting ready. We really thought we scheduled more than enough time but still I had hair and makeup being done at the same time. My makeup was done by my dear friend, and professional MUA, Aislynn. I wore perfume which my sister brought back for me from when she traveled to Paris. I really wanted my wedding to be filled with personal touches.

At some point, while I was getting my dress on and taking "getting ready" pictures, all of the extended family came into the house. I get it, it is a familiar place. But trying to get ready and having everyone trying to sneak a peak was too much for me. Even Cam came in the house a couple of times! Like his only job that morning was to NOT see the bride. Well, that and show up...

Luckily our coordinator was amazing and got everyone out.

Our ceremony was also 15 minutes late to start because our tent guy, Bali from D&H tents, said he would come at 8 am and be out by 9 but didnt come until our ceremony was supposed to start. Nobody told me that until after because they didn't want to stress me out, but I was quite annoyed being trapped hiding in the house wondering what was going on. I forgot about that as soon as I started to walk down the aisle though.

I don't know about you, but the groom crying videos get my heart every time. All I wanted was Cam to cry as I walked down the aisle. It was a success!

I was nervous for sure - shocked kind of... I couldn't really believe it was happening and it went by as fast as a blink of an eye. I feel like it was a super surreal ceremony, I am so glad we have a video of it! Such a magical and glamorous morning!

I did ask everyone to have their phones away, an unplugged ceremony, however, as you can see from the photos, that did not happen. Lol.

Photo time seemed to last forever. To be fair though, I did book five hours for photos... and yes we did take the entire time. And we were still late coming back. If you know me though, you know photo time is my favorite time, so although I was exhausted, I loved it. Cameron on the other hand is not a photo kind of guy. But he did great.

The reception was a blast. Cam's cousin, who is already married, Jaron, MCed it and he did an excellent job. The food was catered by Rocco's, same as our engagement party, and was again amazing. The broccolini and gnocchi were my favorite. Everyone was laughing, chatting, and having a blast which was great to see.

Because of Covid, we had to cut our guest list down from almost 300 guests to 50. However, we still wanted everyone to be a part of our special day, so we decided to copy what many people were doing for their birthday's and host an hour-long drive-by. I think it was a great addition. We enjoyed seeing all of the people come through and gave them custom cookies to take home.

It was pretty patchy.. lots of people would come at once, and then nobody, and then another spurt of people.. so my dear ol' dad volunteered to stand out front where the driveby was happening and text if someone was coming so that Cam and I could go back into the reception and eat desserts and talk to people. One of our driveby guests drove 4 hours to come! I just feel like everyone at our wedding went above and beyond to make it an incredible day for us.

After the drive-by was the mother-son, father-daughter, and first dance. Let me just say my dad and I crushed it. Cameron and I did too but we had a bit more practice and I (no offense dad if you're reading this) had a little more faith in Cameron to remember the dance than I did my 51-year-old goofball dad. But both turned out amazing! I am so proud of my men!

Afterward, it was time for everyone to join us on the dance floor and we had a blast! You should really check out our wedding video if you want to see everyone having the time of their life. So many people told us that this was the most fun they have had at a wedding.

I did switch into my bridal shower dress part way through the dancing because it was easier to move in. I also spent a lot of time mingling by the fire pits while Cameron spent the entire night tearing up the dance floor.

We stayed until 11:40 and got to the Auberge at the Terminal City Club at 12. Our Uber driver was super interesting, we were talking about the psychology behind criminals wanting fame the entire ride. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Dress: Lamour by Calla Blanche

Photos: Teryn Lee

Cake: Happy Cakes

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3 Yorum

08 Eki 2021

Such a beautiful day!


Bobbi McCullough
Bobbi McCullough
13 Oca 2021

This was so much fun to look through and to read through all of your comments Sam. Your wedding dress - gorgeous...! The girls in their pretty pink pjs lovely. The setting - spectacular. Thank you for inviting us in to take a peek at this incredibly special day for you and Cam. Much love - so proud of you. God bless you both.


Huel Twist
Huel Twist
05 Oca 2021

Good read and loved the photos. Ht

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