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My Bridal Showers


A bridal shower is a great time to bless the couple as they are about to get married and be their own family. Let me tell you, I totally felt the love at my bridal showers. I was so happy to have two showers thrown for me. Especially because all of the covid pandemic stuff which has been changing so much about our wedding. I just felt super loved.

In Victoria, a lady from my church threw me a shower with a small group of other life long friends from church. The group was kept small because of covid friendliness, the snacks were all individually wrapped. The nice part about a smaller bridal shower is that you have lots of time to have quality conversation with everyone. It was such a special time.

This bridal shower, although the event was first, was planned second and I just felt so lucky to be thrown two bridal showers. It really meant a lot to me.

Outfit Details: Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Garage

Then, later in the month (yesterday), my future mother-in-law, Kirsten, threw a big bridal shower. This shower included all of the aunts, female cousins, and close female friends. I was so impressed with how many people came out. Some ladies I didn't really know, and some I had known for life. But I felt so spoiled during my bridal shower, by how many women wanted to come out and celebrate Cam and I's upcoming marriage. And I was so happy that my grandma was able to come!

Outfit Details: For this one, I wore a dress from Guess Shoes: Amazon

We played two games. The first was a trivia game about me, and the second was a "right" and "left" pass the gift story game.

The food was so good! The buffalo cheese chicken dip was made by Cam's aunt Mel, the chocolates were made by my mom, people also brought fruit, and then the majority of it was made by Kirsten.

They say it takes a village to raise children... well I also believe it takes a village to start a marriage. So many different people brought food, helped set up, helped organize games, and helped with clean up. I am so glad I had my bridesmaids there to help during the gift opening: to take the garbage away, to write who gave what, and to move the opened presents to the side.

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