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Wedding Planning Vlogs

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Hi Friends!

If you are interested in all of the behind the scenes of our wedding planning process I vlogged our entire engagement and made a wedding planning vlog series on Youtube. It's super honest and raw.

One of my business mentors suggested I document everything while planning the wedding so I could look back on it so I started this Youtube channel and did my first attempt at vlogging. My channel is:

The vlog series trailer:

Episode 1 is all about the first steps we took: making spreadsheets, setting up a wedding website, working on the guest list, ect. We also attend out first (and only) bridal show during this episode.

In episode 2 we go dress shopping, attend venue meetings, and plan the engagement party.

Episode 3 is all about our engagement party and asking my maid of honor to stand by my side.

Episode 4 focuses on my bridesmaid proposals, figuring out venues, and I have a breakdown because covid complications potentially canceling our wedding.

In episode 5 we come up with a new covid plan and have many vendor meetings.

During episode 6 you come ring shopping with us and we do some DIY's to try to cut costs

Episode 7 is a whirlwind of activity! I have a bridal shower, multiple appointments (wax, nails, hair), and a ton of last-minute final week prep!

Episode 8 takes place the day before our wedding!

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