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Gerry Paints Art Event

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Hi Friends,

Never have I ever been to an art event. Which is why I was so excited to receive an email from local Vancouver artist Gerry Thompson, aka Gerry Paints, inviting me to her event.

I met her when she donated a piece for the Skidmore Charity Golf Tournament, however her ties with the Skidmore's dates much farther back.

We drove down to Vancouver.

The event took place in her daughter's home, which was so lovely. It made it so you could actually see how each piece would look on the walls.

When you first walk in there were refreshments on the kitchen island to the right and the table to the left. I appreciated that because I always love a good snack and boy were those salmon cracker bites GOOD!

There were some of my favourite pieces.

I loved that we went on the second day near the ned because it was less busy and gave us lots of time to chat one on one with Gerry.

Gerry is featured in many local, national, and international publications. The International Artist Magazine has featured Gerry in several issues, one of which profiles her as one of the artists describing “inside the studios of the world’s best artists”. You can check out her website here:

Watch the event in my vlog:

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