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The Skidmore Group Charity Golf Tournament Vlog

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Hi friends,

The past week was the 1st Skidmore Group Charity Golf tournament. And honestly, it was such a hit! Incredible event!

The Skidmore Group Charity Golf Tournament Vlog: Volunteering & Dinner Gala

——- About the event ———

The Skidmore Foundation is pleased to announce our inaugural annual Golf Tournament. This year they are raising $1.3M to support these local foundations: Wagner Hills Recovery Center, Pacific Autism Family Network and The Rick Hansen Foundation.

——- About Skidmore Group——

Skidmore Group invests in business leaders and family legacies, ready to accelerate growth and master their industry.

Read their website here:

———- A note from me ————-

Wow! Words can not explain how proud I am of my husband, Cameron Skidmore & the Skidmore team for organizing this golf tournament.

At 25 Cam is doing incredible things! The kind of stuff that people (like me) only dream of doing!

The largest charity golf tournament in all of Canada! COME ON!

And surpassing their goal of raising 1 MILLION dollars before the tournament day even arrived. Then again crushing their second goal of 1.3! The total they raised was just under 1.5.

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