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5 Easy Ways to Squeeze Time With Jesus Into Your Busy Schedule

Utilize multitasking

So you are super busy... that's not an excuse! Think about where you can multitask. For example you can play a sermon while you shower and get ready.

Play Worship Music

Listen to worship music in the car while driving to work

Do a YouVersion Devotional

Watch the bible app (you version)'s verse of the day. super easy has a little sermon, devotional, and prayer all read out loud to you.

Have a quick chit-chat with God through prayer.

If you don’t already, praying is literally the fastest (and preferred) way to spend time with God. He can read your mind, sure, but there’s something significant and filling about speaking to him out loud.

Scroll (guilt-free) through social media.

Look, we already spend way more time then we should be, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, so why not use these amazing platforms for our spiritual benefit? If you’re on Instagram there are some awesome faith-based bloggers and profiles that will fill your feed with nothing but spiritual encouragement and bible verses!

Here are some of my favourite accounts:

Connect With Me | It's not a conversation until you join in

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