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Where have I been??

Hi friends,

Wow oh wow it has been a hot minute! It has actually been about a year or so.... miss me?

What happened? Last year I scheduled all these posts to publish while I was on vacation in Hawaii and then while in Hawaii my credit card had suspicious charges on it so I cancelled it forgetting that my blog was linked to that card so it got taken down.

At the same time (literally right after I got back form Hawaii) I had some insane health problems and scares I couldn't walk, I couldn't go to work in the office, I was incredibly sick with something the doctors still haven't figured out. My doctor told me it was probably cancer so I went 2 months waiting for the cancer screening thinking I was dying and then it came back cancer-free -- praise Jesus -- but like who tells someone something like that!?

All this to say my health and my mindset were not focussed on blogging but now I am starting to feel better, still not healed but I am back in the office 2 days a week and going on small walks again.

OH and did I mention that I was also living at my in-law's house for 3 months during this time? YUP!

We are so lucky to have family so close by!

However, living with a dog in one bedroom of their house and 4 of us all sharing one shower was a bit cramped so we were very excited when the time came that we could move into our new place (just across the street from our old place)

Our new place is a charming heritage house (over 100 years old!) sitting on 5+ acres with a few barns and some garden boxes.

Because I couldn't leave my house last summer (because of my health) I really got into gardening. Yes, city loving "why do it yourself if you can pay someone else" Sam is now semi-crunchy and doesn't trust the government, health care, or the mass food industry (and I could rant for hours about it so please don't get me started unless you actually really want to talk about it). It was a really sad and lonely summer because I couldn't do so many things I love but I found a lot of peace and happiness while gardening and now I am a little obsessed. I've really gotten into homesteading YouTube channels and also learnt how to make my own pasta at home. But I am still a SUPER novice. Honestly, I am as shocked (if not more) about this character growth/change as you are. My mom just laughs whenever I talk about it because I don't think she ever saw this coming from me.

Some other things:

Anyways, I am happy to be back!








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