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5 Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

Hi Friends, Wedding dress shopping is so exciting! As you know, I just got married this past weekend (and am currently on my honeymoon). I loved my wedding dress so much - it was everything I was looking for. However, the process of getting it was quite exhausting. Today I put together my top five tips to make it easier on you: 1.) Try everything on. For your first appointment try on everything so that you can decide what shape you like most on you -- who knows it might surprise you. I definitely thought an A-line would be best on me but it turns out that mermaid was where it's at. Trumpet however looked wretched on me.
2) Narrow what you want to be more specific. If you go in saying that you want a sparkly mermaid bridal dress with no belt or say the exact type of sleeves (off the shoulder, none, straps, etc) or neckline you want then these details you provide will help narrow down the search a lot and let you better spend the time trying on the best options they have. 3) Bring water. Looking at so many dresses in such a short amount of time is exhausting. You actually think a lot and compare them, rank them, and constantly move the rankings around. You are paying attention to the minute details such as how far the buttons go, what kind of gems are used in the pattern, and so forth. Although I had lots of fun, after each day of dress shopping I needed to go back to my home and not talk to anyone and just process for a bit.
4.) Take photos This is so important! I don't care if they let you or not - take the photo. Seriously. First of all, you want to know how it will look in your wedding photos. Secondly, it is hard to remember every single dress you tried on, even your favorite ones. It is nice to be able to not only look at them all but to be able to go back and compare your favorites beside each other. I was very fortunate to have my mother and mother-in-law very on top of taking photos of every dress.
5.) Other people might love it but it might not be your vibe I know there were two dresses that I did not like at all that my crowd said: "that's the one" and oohed and ahh'd. Don't get me wrong, having the people there to help tell you more objectively what looks good and what doesn't look good on you is amazing and so helpful. However, it is your dress and you have to make sure you love it! Do NOT try to force yourself to like it.
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5 Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping
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