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University Dorm Room Essentials

Hi Friends,

Today I wanted to share a list of what to pack for university and link some of my favorite items that I wouldn't have been able to live without.

A fan

I know in September it was always so much hotter than you expected it to be and if your dorm room is kinda stale or doesn't have AC this is a must!

Go check out Walmart! They have them for like $15-25.

Under the bed boxes

Utilize that organization space baby!

Walmart has lots!


Trust me- you'll need it.

I'm not going to put a shop here link because you should look at your local dollar store and see if they have it.

A mini-fridge

Fridge space is highly coveted in dorms - even apartments. My uncle offered me a FREE mini fridge for my first year of university. The only thing was my school didn't allow mini-fridges and goody-two-shoes me decided to be (probably) the only person in the entire school to follow that rule and I regretted it every day since.


It is so important to stay organized in university because once you get behind it just snowballs.

A Speaker

Okay this isn't essential but it sure is useful and there will be times you wish you had one.

Wool Dryer Balls

University dryers suck but dryer balls help dry your laundry faster and they are green.

A tool kit

Trust me - when you need it you REALLY need it. I was known as the girl for over a year who posted in the university facebook page asking for "a screwdriver that looks like this" with a picture. IDK why it was so funny but you can avoid it.

A game

whether it be a deck of cards, cards against humanity, or phase 10 - it is fun to have something to play some nights.

Fairy lights

I think this are absolutely an essential!


Sometimes if you have leftovers that you bring home you forget utensils so it is good to have some. Also some people bring cakes for their birthdays and you don't want to eat cake like a barbarian. Also, pro tip: get a unique set because people will try to steal them if they look similar to everyone else's.

Laundry Basket

You'll be lugging this to the shared washers for years. Please pick one you like that is practical and cute!

First aid kit:

Make sure you have everything you need if you were to get sick or whatever may happen. I even had a sewing kit in my "don't need until REALLY needed" bin. Shop Here

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