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The Best BC Wedding Venue Locations

Hi friends,

One year ago I spent all day every day planning my entire wedding, researching every detail, and contacting venue representatives. It was my whole life! Like a full time job!

Today I thought I would give you all of the information I put together for the low price of $8 so that you can save weeks of wedding planning work! Just click the link here to get an excel sheet where I compare every wedding venue I could find in the Vancouver and GVR/Fraser Valley area.

They are compared by: name, location, price, services provided, backup plan for rain, number of guests, and looks. Including: TCC, airside events space, UBC, Pipe Shop Venue, Restaurants, Pitt Meadoes Golf Club, Air Bnb's, and more!

What took me months to make can take you 1 minute to download.

Click here for my wedding photographers comparison sheet.

Here are three of my favourite wedding locations:

UBC Womens Club

This was actually my first choice to get married at since it is so beautiful but it only fits 50 people

Cecil Green Park House

A beautiful outdoors look by a miniature castle like building.

Swaneset Golf Club

This was completely booked up over a year in advance, so if you are interested in it at all, call ASAP.

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