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Shein Haul, Try on, & Review

Hi friends,

I spent just over $100 on Shein. I love Shein but it really is a hit or miss store so it is very important to read the reviews. Since I love reading reviews of sheen clothes and looking up what other people buy I figure when I buy from Shein I should "pay it forward" and put my hauls and reviews up for people to see.

I don't make any money off of this, it's all just my honest thoughts -- I would never lie on a review because I rely on other people's reviews when online shopping.

I also have a YouTube video at the bottom.

Shirred Back Frill Trim Ditsy Floral Top

This top is so cute! It is a bit shorter than I was expecting and a blouse like material but I really like it. I think it will be a great summer top and hopefully in the fall I can put a cardigan over it too.

Linked Here

Raglan Sleeve Solid Sweater

I am a huge fan of chunky knit sweaters. This is actually what I was looking for on Shein was some nice winter sweaters on sale. This is the only one I found.... When I saw this one on sale I had to buy it. One thing you can’t really tell an oh t this sweater is that it has metallic threads woven in it which makes it even more cute!

Linked Here

SHEIN Elastic Waist Seam Front Leather Look Pants

I've always loved the leather look and leather pants are just so easy to style. However I am always scared of buying leather pants because what if I don't like them?? what if they don't fit properly, what if they make weird noises while I walk, etc etc. These were only $11 CAD so obis they were so cheap I had to get them.

These faux leather pants look like a matte trash bag off. However, they look better on. Cameron isn’t a fan - but he hates the faux leather/leather, whereas I love leather fashion. I’m happy these pants aren’t too long since I’m only 5’2; I wasn’t sure if I‘d be swimming in them or not.

Linked Here

Shein Basics Square Neck Top

I love this square neck top! I think it is a classic style and looks super classy and refined. I think my next order I will buy more of this shirt so that I can rotate them! Linked Here

2pcs Metal Chain Necklace

I ordered this necklace set from Sheen. I love that they are not attached so I can wear them separately if I want to but mostly I love that they’re not attached because they get less tangled that way. I’ve been wearing them every day since I bought them. For cheap jewelry, I love them!

Linked Here

Flannel Tank Top & Pants Lounge Set

This fuzzy set has been on my mind for months. I was counting down the days for this item to arrive. I love it, it is so soft. I basically live in this set.

Linked Here

3pcs Girls Acrylic Hair Claw The claw clip is also part of my Shein haul! It is so funny to see the things my mom used to wear come back in style. I’ve been wearing a claw clip in my hair ever since I bought it because it is just so easy!

Linked Here

V Neck Cable Knit Sweater Vest

I finally caved to the grandpa knit sweater trend. I saw this one online for less than $11 So I thought “why not?” I ordered the color khaki which had great reviews and peoples pictures they uploaded looked quite light beige however mine came looking quite mustardy which I don’t love (even darker than in this photo- look at my YouTube to see the real color). Linked Here

Cut Out Back Sports Tee & Leggings

I've been going to the gym more often and wanted some inexpensive workout clothes. I honestly was not expecting much from ordering she in workout clothing. I actually had really low expectations for this and thought I would be very thin or see-through and super baggy on me. However this item surpassed all of my expectations! Of course it is no Lululemon but I love the set and it was only about $20 and I will be wearing it often.

Linked Here

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