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My Podcast, Twist Talks, Reboot

Hi Friends,

I am excited to announce that my podcast, Twist Talks, is getting a reboot!

Before it was just one episode, my one with Donni Rae Edmondson. you can listen to that here:

I have uploaded my introduction to my podcast channel which describes a little bit about me, in case you are new, and my plans with the podcast. I recommend you give it a listen here:

In short, the plan for my podcast is to interview interesting people and asking what we can learn from them.

Here are 4 episodes I have lined up that you can get excited for:

  • Podcast with nutritionist Katarina Greer

  • Podcast talking about PR and starting a business with Andrea Ng, Vancouver PR Girl

  • I interview Danielle Wiebe about starting Business Babes Co., community, and networking.

  • I interview Madeleine Sloback about interior design and starting a design agency.

And those are just a few! So you have a lot to look forward towards! First interview is out Thursday March 11th!

Follow the Twist Talks Podcast Instagram: @TwistTalks To

I would love some reviews of my podcast on whatever the platform is that you use to listen to it, whether it is anchor, Spotify, or Apple, etc.

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Podcast: Twist Talks

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