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My First Wine Tasting

Hi friends,

This past weekend I experienced my first ever wine tasting. Cameron and I decided to go to a lake house in Oliver with some friends. While driving through Oliver, it was like a giant strip of vineyards. Because we were there for the weekend, we decided to do a wine tasting.

I had a couple of ideas of what a wine tasting would be like. Perhaps a tour around the vineyard while taking sips of different wines. Maybe more like a pint of wines (like what they do with beer) inside that would also allow you to order food.

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We went to Stoneboat Vineyards and it was fantastic. I was pretty off in my expectations though. It was a beautiful 26 degrees Celsius, so we sat outside on the patio for the tasting. We were given a menu with the wines highlighted which we were trying. The server would bring the wine and tell us some trivia about it and then go off while we sipped. I enjoyed being able to make my comments in private. I also enjoyed hearing about each wine, as I have never been much of a wine connoisseur. I feel like I learned a lot.

Overall, I would say the experience was quite enjoyable. I loved being on a patio, in the sun, trying new things with my friends.

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