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My Favorite Summer Products

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Hi friends! Most of you guys know that I have a fair amount of makeup and skincare products. This is mostly because I get the majority of it sent to me. Actually almost all of these I have received for free at some point or another, but I just wanted to round up some of my favorite products that I regularly use during the summer. Three products are sunscreens, and then I have 3 lip products, and two other random products. I should've curated the products more so that there would be more variety but I wanted to be really honest and these truly are my favorites.

Garnier BB Cream This BB cream was the closest thing that I could find to a tinted moisturizer when I was in a pinch one time and I quite liked it. It is super lightweight and easy to spread. It is one of only two products in this roundup that I never received for free. I will re-buy it because I like that it is quite dewy.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum This is another free product that I received. It feels cooling, like putting cucumbers on your face. It feels a bit tacky when you first put it on, until it soaks in. The ingredients are mostly natural and include hyaluronic acid. Neostrata Tinted Sunscreen Let my repeat that...TINTED sunscreen! You know I am a lover of tinted moisturize, instead of foundation, so having a nice tinted sunscreen for the summer is completely up my ally. This one is also a free product that I received and it also has SPF 50. Revlon Kiss Exfoliating Balm This exfoliating balm is in the flavor sugar mint. It is so nice and tastes delicious. You can twist it up to get more, which is always nice. This is boyfriend approved, and I have re-bought it for him and for myself. Revlon Kiss Balm This balm is in the favor Berry Burst. It also tastes amazing, which I accredit to the fact that it is infused with natural fruit oils. It is light weight but still has a sheer gloss, One of the best parts about this balm though for summer is that it has SPF 20. Juice Beauty Oil Free Sunscreen I wasn't sure when I first put this on if I would like it because it was rather thick and a little bit hard to spread. Over time I have gotten used to it though. The main squeeze about this one is that it smells amazing, like lemon, and is OIL FREE. I wore it all day and it stayed oil free. Unlike the others it is SPF 30, not that that is a big deal here, but it makes up for it by being vegan and organic. It had the "clean by Sephora" badge which means that it is free of ingredients like sulfates and parabens.

Victoria's Secret Color Shine Gloss This is kind of thick but really pigmented and I just think it is so perfect for really any season. It is in the color Charmed. This is the second product in this roundup that it did not receive for free. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sunscreen. This water gel sunscreen was the first one sent to me and it was the first sunscreen I ever loved - it converted me. It is SPF 50, but best of all it is super hydrating. It is made with hyaluronic acid and is non-greasy. My face is so soft after I use it! And that is all of my favorite products for Summer! I hope you enjoyed this and perhaps found a new product you would like to try. What are your favorite Summer products?

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