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My 10 Favorite Ceiling Light Fixtures

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Hi friends,

Like (I assume) many other people, I never spent much time thinking about light fixtures. That is, until Cam's grandparents showed us their newly finished house. Every room has its own statement light fixture which had me saying "wow." I couldn't believe how much a light could change the room. So today I am going to share with you my 10 favorite ceiling light fixtures.

1) Copper Medellin From Structube

This copper hanging pendant can help add dimension to any room. I envision this over a small table or a kitchen island. If you have a dark corner of your room this could also be cute there.

2) Statement Drum Flush Mount From Wayfair This flush mount is simple and glamorous. It is a great option for lighting up smaller spaces with less foursquare. It has chrome finished metal base. It provides diffused lighting as well as the option for dimming.

3) Cassiopeia From Structube

This brass industrial pendant light would look great over a dining room table or long kitchen island. One thing to note is that the right light bulbs to match this look are slightly more expensive than your ordinary bulbs, and you will need twelve of them. However, this is a great light pendant for if you want a modern industrial chic look in your house.

4) Sinnerlig From Ikea

Although a boho look is not normally what I want for my house. I do enjoy all of the textures and neutral pallets a boho styled interior provides. I like this pendant because it reminds me of the parts of the boho interior design which I like, but it is very structured. This pendant not only looks warm and welcoming but adds texture to your home.

5) Sputnik Chandelier From Amazon

This looks less like a typical pendant and more like an art piece; but why not be both. This pendant is art that'll literally light up your room. It has a contemporary mid-century look which makes it able to fit into a range of interior styles. It's round shape can accent any room of your house: bedroom, dining room, living room, office. This piece is definitely versatile.

6) Classic Chandelier From Wayfair

I have always been a sucker for chandeliers, ever since I saw my first one in a McDonald's store downtown. I light that the light bulbs for this chandelier still resemble candles, giving it a more traditional European look. Here is another classic chandelier, in a different style, I love. If I could have every light in my house be a chandelier I probably would.

7) Chandelier Flush Mount From Amazon

This is another nice flush mount ceiling light. It has a chandelier look, without taking up all the space. Reviewers agree that this light fixture it easy to install. Plus it is super chic.

8) Globe Ceiling Light From Amazon

This light reminds me of branches. It can add a soft touch to an industrial or stark interior, or add a more modern feel to casual spaces. The listing states that it helps save energy, which is always a plus.

9) Modern Sputnik Chandelier From Amazon I did it with the flush mount chandelier, and now here is your modern bulb flush mount version of lights 3 and 8. This light allows you to save space and have the same look at the lights listed before.

10) Modern LED Pendant From Amazon

This light fixture is very modern. I think this would look so nice over a long space like the dining room table, the kitchen island, or in the living room. Originally imagined it in a more stark household, I enjoy this photo of it because it shows the versatility of this pendant.

Which one is your favorite?

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