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Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Wow oh wow -- January 4th, 2020 is going to be a day to be remembered. Why? Because that was the day Cameron asked me to be his wife.

Cam was at my place for most of the Winter break and so for me he was just coming back the last weekend to help me move back. I picked him up from the ferry Friday evening, and he told me how nervous he is to ask my parents for my hand in marriage. I comforted him, telling him that it would be fine.

The following day we went to go feed the ducks at Swan Lake. We had walked it a couple times before. Cameron had been talking to me about feeding the ducks all week and it was out last weekend in Victoria so the timing seemed perfect.

We started walking the trail and part way through there was the set up with all the ferry tickets from him visiting me and photos of us strung along the pathway. I instantly knew what was going on. I saw my two friends hiding in the bushes taking the photos. I was so shocked. This was the biggest surprise of my life.

Although it was his day to ask the question, I asked the first question, "Do my parents know?!?" Little did I know when driving to pick him up at the ferry, he had been on the Island the entire day talking to my parents and planning with my friends.

We spent a moment looking at the tickets and photos before walking to the letter board sign with "Samantha T. will you marry me?".

Cameron got down on one knee and pulled out a piece of paper with a special poem written on it. He knew I always wanted an emotional speech and not just the popping of the question. He not only provided but went above and beyond.

I was so in shock I could hardly process anything at the time. My family was so happy about the engagement, my little brother was even jumping up and down in excitement when he heard the news. Now that it has been a little over a week, I am so glad we have the photos and the poem he wrote. It was such a special day and I am thankful I got to share it with my friends and family in Victoria.

That evening we went for a special dinner at Boom & Batten. Cameron had reservations and told the staff in advance that it was a special engagement dinner. Every waitress that passed by would look at me with knowing eyes filled with excitement, like a child let in on an exciting secret.

Our server brought out celebratory champagne on the house, and the kitchen gave us a complimentary appetizer or truffle mushroom risotto. I normally do not enjoy mushrooms but this appetizer was delicious. Cameron and I ordered out meals along with a bottle of chardonnay. For dessert we had the chocolate bar and it was divine.

It really was a wonderful day.

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1 commentaire

Laura Stanley Scalone
Laura Stanley Scalone
19 juin 2020

Y'all are the cutest! Congratulations (6 months later). I hope your 6-month-engaged-iversary is awesome.

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