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Good Food Review

Hi Friends,

If you know me well, you know I am not someone who enjoys cooking. It takes so much time and you can't multitask while doing it (if you want it to turn out nice). Hence why we have a slow cooker, bread maker, rice maker, air fryer, Ninja Foodi... literally anything that'll let me do something else while it is cooking. However, Cameron loves to cook (thank you Jesus), and he found this deal on Good Food that said if you sign up you get one box free. So we tried it and I thought I would review it for you.

On the Good Food website we chose 3 meals that we wanted to try:

  1. Golden Haddock

  2. Mahi Mahi over Spicy Coconut Curry

  3. and Paprika Honey Salmon with Citrus Sour Cream

I was surprised that it all came in one box. I know some other food subscriptions drop off each meal separately. However, everything still tasted really fresh. If you watch my video on Youtube, you can see how it was all packed.

I really appreciate that they pre-measure all of the seasonings so that everything is perfect. This is our first meal and that's how each meal went.

I was so impressed with each meal! It was like eating at a restaurant but at home! It is also cheaper than going to most restaurants.

The box does cost more than our regular groceries. However, it does save a lot of time. Cameron and I won't be getting this regularly, but I can see us ordering it a couple of times a year because it was really convenient and delicious.

What are your favorite subscription services?

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