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5 Lessons From Peter Legge

Hi Friends,

I was encouraged by my business mentor to reach out to professionals in the public relations and media field. Not wasting any time, I decided I wanted to reach out to the biggest people I knew of in Vancouver. I wasn't really expecting anyone to really return my emails, but you miss every shot you don't take, so when Peter Legge replied with a yes I was ecstatic. For those of you who don't know, Peter is an author, professional speaker, and the founder and owner of Canada Wide Media (the largest independently owned media publishing company in Western Canada).

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1) Issues are Consistent

When asked what some of his biggest learning experiences were, Peter answered that he has learnt that issues are consistent. The lesson from that is that one must learn how to get used to change and be adaptable to problems that may arise. No matter how prepared you think you are, some sort of surprise will arise.

2) Read More Books

Peter Legge has authored more than 23 books so it comes as no surprise when asked about how he continues to strive to be better Peter said that his way of constantly learning is through readings books. He states that in one year he can get through 88 business books and encourages others to try to do so as well.

3) You Should Always be Doing Favors for Others

"If you want a favor, what are you doing to earn that favor?" asks Peter. Peter reminds himself of this question before asking for a favor. Another way this could be put is by asking, what are you doing to earn the company's respect? Before you pitch anything.

4) Listening is an Important Skill

Peter is quick to name his good friend and mentor, Joe Segal, as the inspiration for admirable skills. One of the things he admires most about Joe is that he listens, remembers, and responds. Joe is someone who asks, "how can I serve you?" and always follows through on what he says he will do.

5) The Matrimonial Close

The matrimonial close is a selling technique created by Peter Legge. The matrimonial close is about figuring out why someone would say no and changing that answer to a yes. Peter formed this in the example of a proposal. "Will you marry me, Sam?" He asked. I responded with a "no" which he followed with "why?" "Because we aren't in love and I am already engaged" I told him. "Ah so if we were in love and you weren't engaged, would you marry me?" He asked. This went on until eventually he got a yes. You continue to do this until the potential buyer says yes but you must decide quickly if you are willing to do the modifications (like an earlier delivery date or cheaper price) or not.

Thank you again Peter Legge for taking the time to meet with me and congratulations on your new book release!

What is the best piece of business advice you've received?

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