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10 Vancouver Date Ideas

Hi Friends, With Valentines Day around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite Vancouver date ideas.

1. Stanley Park Sea Wall I like to walk this because it smells like Victoria. The cannon goes off at 9 pm which is really fun to be around. My first time walking it in the evening, I didn't know it went off so it was quite a scare haha; Cameron got a good kick out of it.

2. Cafe Crepe

The best crepes you will have in the lower mainland. Period.

I definitely recommend one of their cheesecake crepes.

3. Stanley Park

Like the actual inside part of the park, not the sea wall but the full park. It is beautiful.

Fun Fact: my parents got engaged in Stanley Park.

4. Science World

Science World can be pretty crazy with all of the kids running around but they do have after-hours nights that are 18+ and they serve liquor.

5. Honey and Salt Restaurant in Parq hotel.

Cameron and I went here and the food was so good. I think we went on a Tuesday or a Thursday and they had a 3-course meal for the price of one entre (so like $30) and it was so fun!

6. Rogers Arena Rogers Arena constantly has events going on. They have hockey games, concerts, I event went to an MMA (???) show. It is a pretty pricey date but lots of fun. Covid will affect this one

7. Vancouver Aquarium The Vancouver Aquarium is fun to walk around with a normal pass or you can upgrade your pass to pet the otters. And come on!! Who DOESN'T want to pet OTTERS!? So cute.

8. Dark Table

Vancouver has a blind restaurant where you eat in the dark. I haven't been but a friend recommended it to me and it sounds so fun. This makes a normal dinner into an experience.

9. Go For a Walk

Vancouver has lots of nice walks including Light House Park, Sunset Beach, and more.

10. Craft Beer Hopping

Vancouver has tons of breweries that makes craft beer hopping easy. Just make sure you know your limit and stay within it or order an Uber.

What are your favorite date spots in Vancouver?

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