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We Got a Puppy!

YOU GUYS! I am very excited to write this post to you today so I can say: WE (finally) GOT A DOG!
After my first dog (Shasta, my beagle) passed away in 2016, I never thought I would get a dog again, but as the years went by I found myself longing for a furry friend again. Especially since all of our friends were getting “Covid dogs.” Cameron and I started talking about getting a dog in November/December 2020 but weren't in a financial position or really even ready for one yet (Even though we really wanted one) because there’s certain things you have to consider: who will be the primary walker? are you willing to go out in the rain and snow and dark to walk your pup?
cost of shots and vet bills? do you have the time & patience to train the dog?
what will the dog do all day if you go to work and aren’t home?
are you ready/able to go through at least 4 months of no social life because your pup is still being trained?
and so much more!
once Cam and I could answer yes to all of these questions we started looking for a breEder. If only I knew that was the actual hard part.

finding a breeder was hard because two main reasons. first of all: lots of breeders aren’t very ethical or qualified. Secondly, I was on the hunt for a very specific look. I am someone who knows what I want and when I saw a dark sable, doll faced Pomeranian on the internet I knew I wanted THAT. Nothing else. It also had to be a male because I did a lot of research on Pomeranians and people repeatedly said that males twnd to be friendlier and easier to train.
I reached out to EVERYONE. Anyone On Kijiji, breeders of Canada Facebook groups, went down the entire CKC & AKC websites & emailed them all until I found Terra Marie Pomeranians - the motherload! Someone qualified, super knowledgeable and honest who could answer all my questions even if it meant her saying that “this one will not grow up to look how you want so I think you should wait” and then her not getting the sale (at least not right away). Plus, her dogs had that perfect look I was wanting!
So now, I am happy to introduce you to our new bear faced beaver sable Pomeranian, Benji.

cam and I are already so obsessed with him 😍🥰 Get ready for lots of dog content ;) ! Connect With Me | It's not a conversation until you join in Instagram: @Samantha.Twis t Youtube: Samantha Twist Facebook: Samantha Twist Blog Pinterest: Samantha Twist Blog Twitter: @TwistSamantha Podcast: Twist Talks Candles:

We Got a Puppy!
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