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The Langley Mayor's Charitable Gala

Stepping out of the rain, through doors held open by men in uniform, we find our way to the sign in tables. It's my boyfriend, his grandparents, and I at the Township of Langley Mayor's Charity Gala tonight. Giving our group name to the first open volunteer, she checks us off and tells us our table number. We continue down the hall, past the coat check, walking down a into the hanger where the gala was being held. A red carpet was there under our feet and a photographer at the end - cheesy but I liked it. To our right a photo wall with another photographer, a crowd of people surrounding it. To our left, the silent auction, including a raffle for the firetruck stuffed with four thousand dollars of wine. Walking through a crowd of glittery and beautiful dresses, We found our table at the front by the stage. Saxophone music floated over the room. So good that until I saw the young lady playing, I thought it was a recording. At a table near us we recognized two faces: the new Trinity Western University (TWU) president and his wife, Becky. A quick hello was said before they were whisked away to meet more people. Looking over the crowd, to see everyone's different types of dresses, my jaw dropped and a smile formed on my face. I was surprised by seeing two peers from my school. They were the only other people our age at the event.
While talking to the two other students, I saw a lady in a sea-foam green dress walk past me, her hair ver y familiar. Was that my aunt?! ? I ran after her - at least as much as I can "run" in heels - until I caught up. It was my aunt! And my uncle too! I shouldn't have had been surprised to see them since they live in the area, I just have never unintentionally ran into them before during my past 3 years of living in the same city. Random tangent but I thought that was pretty cool.
Dinner started shortly after talking to my aunt, forcing us back to our tables. The food was made by a local chef, and sourced locally as well. I don't have too much to say about it, except that it was good. After dinner we were given more time to look at the silent auction. Cam and I got up and started choosing out our favorite paintings. Not long after deciding which one we thought was the best, the new president of TWU walked up. "Anything caught your eye yet?" He asks. We show him the painting we like the most, one of the few items not available in the auction.This was the beginning of a long, and quite enjoyable conversation with the new president o f our school. The MC makes her "final call" for people to return to their seats many times before we listen. Once everyone is seated a new, fast speaker comes on stage. And then begins my first live auction. it was quite slower than represented on TV. However, it went really fast and competitive over a guitar signed by Foreigner. It was one of the highest items auctioned, and definitely the most intense part of the night.
I had a wonderful time at the event. Everything was so well done and it was a wonderful night. I am so grateful to Cam's grandparents for inviting us.They are so kind and have such a generous hearts. I wish we got a photo together but we were so busy socializing it didn't end out happening. Connect With Me | It's not a conversation until you join in Instagram: @Samantha.Twist Youtube: Samantha Twist Facebook: Samantha Twist Blog Pinterest: Samantha Twist Blog Twitter: @TwistSamantha Podcast: Twist Talks

The Langley Mayor's Charitable Gala
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