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The Best 3 Mens Cologne

looking for a new cologne? Maybe a gift for Valentine’s Day or just because?

reviewed by my husband - who always smells good & other ladies make sure to let him know that. Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace I picked this one out for Cam but let me share his review: This one never gets old! I purchased two years ago and I have never savoured a bottle quite like this one. Every time I spray this product you (at least me) are presented with a calming and yet exciting smell that will 100% turn heads. A must add to the collection - you won't regret it.
English Laundry Riviera Eau de Toilette I absolutely love this fragrance. It all started with a sample from the Hudson Bay Company in 2013. It lasts about 8 hours, it is a Eau De Toilette, let's not forget. But the smell that it emits during those 8 hours is unforgettable - in a good way! The smell of bergamot is what makes it a great smell for me.
There aren't to many retailers that hold this scent, if can you find it... buy it!
Tom Ford Ombré Leather 16 Eau De Parfum Spray Ombré Leather Vs. Tuscan Leather - Ombré wins every time. This smell is a MUST HAVE! OMG you will fall in love. They have to be putting cocaine or something in this fragrance. You want to keep spraying. and then you remember the price and think yaaa I should stop ;D hehe
I wore this smell when I went on my first date with my GF and today she is my wife. I'm thinking it had an impact. I can tell you YES it id have an impact! ;)

The Best 3 Mens Cologne
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