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Podcast With Donni Edmondson, Founder of Privilege & PiperWest

Hi friends!
Never have I ever recorded a podcast before. But when my teacher told me that we had to start one for our class, I decided that I would take this opportunity to reach out to one of the coolest hustlers I know of. Meet Donni Rae Edmondson, founder of Privilege and PiperWest Watches. A total boss babe. I am very grateful that she said yes to being on the first episode of my podcast and was just a complete sweetheart. I am also grateful that it turned out slightly less cringe-y than I was expecting. In this podcast we talk about her two businesses, adapting to the changing business and retail landscape, and some of her best business advice.

Listen here through : You can also listen on by clicking this link or you can listen on Spotify by clicking here . Both are the same, just two different hosting platforms because I wanted to give you options. I hope you enjoy!
I would like to thank Donni for joining me, and thank you all who listened to my podcast. Donni was so kind to give out two discount codes for you guys: "I LOVE PW" all capitals for 25% off of PiperWest , and "Trinity25" all capitals for 25% off at Privilege .
I was also given some pop-sockets to give away so the first three people to subscribe to my blog and my podcast then message or comment (on here or my Instagram) letting me know will get a free Privilege pop-socket for their phone. To make it easy for you, I will link all of Donni's links so you can check her out: Link to Privilege Link to Piperwest Link to Donni's Instagram
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Podcast With Donni Edmondson, Founder of Privilege & PiperWest
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