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Our Engagement Party

Hey friends, As some of you may know, this month we had our engagement party. It was so beautiful, both physically and emotionally. I wanted to give you all a glimpse into the event, so today I am sharing all of the details of our engagement party. These beautiful invitations were custom made for us by my sweet friend Carmen. We hosted the event at Cam's grandparents' house, so we took the address line off for public posts. The event was catered by Rocco's . The desserts were from Laura's . We had two games: Find the Guest and Nearly Wed. For the Find the Guest game we asked all attendees to RSVP with a fun fact about themselves. I really liked this game because it encouraged mingling between the guests. My dad put together the cards and made all the information I sent to him look nice. My parents arranged the Nearly Wed game where they sent either Cam or I out of the room, asked the remaining person questions, and then the other had to see how well they knew each other. This one was really funny and the guests laughed a lot watching us. We also had an album, which Cam's mom bought for us, out to share memories with the guests. The event was really nice. It was also pretty overwhelming. Cameron and I barely had any time to enjoy the food and any time I tried to walk across the room to grab some punch (made by Cam's grandmother), I was stopped by 4 different people on the way. Cam actually never had the chance to try any of the punch. It was definitely a good warm up for how our wedding will be haha. It was honestly so great though to have all of our loved ones in ones place. Many people did not know anyone else there so it filled my heart up to see everyone mingling with strangers and getting to know one another -- it was the best part of the event. I am so glad to hear that our guests had a great time.
You can watch us getting ready for the party here and watch a little glimpse into the party here on Tik Tok.
Decorations: Confetti and Rose Gold Balloons: Amazon Ring Balloon Arrangements: Party On Love Balloon: Party On Plates and Napkins: Party On Catering: Rocco's Gluten Free Baked Goods: Laura's Venue: Cam's Grandparent's house My Outfit: Sweater: H&M Skirt: Target Slippers: Michael Kors Connect With Me | It's not a conversation until you join in Instagram: @Samantha.Twist Youtube: Samantha Twist Facebook: Samantha Twist Blog Pinterest: Samantha Twist Blog Twitter: @TwistSamantha Podcast: Twist Talks

Our Engagement Party
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