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I'm Feeling 22

Being 21 came with many new adventures. First off, I am living with some of my best friends so every day has its fun. On my birthday last year we celebrated by taking a trip to Seattle - I had never been before. This year I also did many firsts. I made my first podcast (Twist Talks) , started this blog (it was a gift last year from my now fiance), I went on a yacht cruise with Cam's family (I had never slept on a boat before), and then Cam came camping with mine, I tried Chick-Fill-A, got engaged , and went pole dancing. On my birthday we kept it pretty relaxed. We went to church like any other Sunday. After church, one of my best friends took us out for lunch. I Skyped my family that afternoon. Then in the evening I went for dinner with Cameron at the Vancouver Golf Club. Afterwards we returned to Cam's house for cheesecake with his family. It was a really causal but nice day.
My roommates also spoiled me by surprising me with chocolates, a plant (which is sparkly - I do not know how), drinks, and a sweet card. For 22 I hope for a couple things. Mostly I hope for growth. That I continue living a fully authentic life filled with lover and wonder. That I grow in bearing good fruit in my life by constantly trying to be healthier in habit and lifestyle. And lastly that I grow in my career.

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I'm Feeling 22
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