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10 Victoria B.C. Date Ideas

Hey you guys,
As someone who has been born and raised in Victoria BC, I often start to take this beautiful place that I call home for granted. Like many others I sometimes see the island as small, and without much to do, leaving me with very few ideas on what to do for a date in Victoria.

1) Visit Fisherman's Warf
This is actually something I never did until last year. It always seemed like something only tourists did, making it overcrowded. However, I was wrong. The bright houseboats are well worth the hustle and bustle of tourists. They have many different food stands and a water taxi.

2) Buskers Festival
This is a Summer favorite for me! Surprisingly, despite dating for two Summers, my boyfriend has not yet been able to make it over for one. Buskers put on shows all over downtown, all by donation, at different times throughout the week. It is awesome because there is everything: fire jugglers, magicians, comedians, dancers, musicians, etc. And if you don't enjoy something, the price isn't set.

3) Go on a Walk One thing I have realized that Victoria thrives at, especially compared to other places, is the vast options for beautiful walks. I love going on walks with my boyfriend because it gives us lots of time to talk, as well as get our steps in. Also Victoria just has so many beautiful views.

4) Pack a Picnic
I have become an avid fan of picnics with my boyfriend. Our first picnic together last year was a lot of work for me to set up and plan but we went to Beacon Hill and it was so nice. Now we either pack up a meal ourselves or grab some take-out and then we have a nice easy picnic. I love the romance of it, but mostly I love the chance to sit and just talk.

5) Go to the Petting Zoo
The Beacon Hill petting zoo is such a cute date idea. My favorite time is in the Spring when the piglets are newborns. After making a donation to get into the petting zoo, and checking all the animals out, you can also stroll around Beacon Hill park. There is also a pretty great ice cream across the street at Beacon Hill Drive-In.

6) Wild Play It is said that fear can often induce attraction. Seriously. If you don't believe me check out this link and this link . That being said, I suggest you go straight to the extreme course. The classic will just leave you wanting more by the end - you will want to do the full thing.

7) Go to a Coffee Shop Going to a coffee shop and then walking around Victoria is such a classic activity to do. If you are sick of coffee shops, or if it is Summer (like it is now), I also suggest going to Chocolats Favoris for unique ice cream downtown.

8) Go Golfing
Victoria has many golf courses that you can go to. Going golfing as a date is great because it leaves a lot of room for conversation, as well as self deprecating humor. You can choose to do the full course or just the driving range.

9) Mall Events
See if any malls or stores are holding events. I work for Uptown and I know that we have put on so many events that would be super cute dates. We have had a fashion show (catered and with a dance floor), workout boot camps, outdoor movie nights, and more. There are always events being put on in this city.

10) Butchart Gardens
I started with a classic and I'm ending with another classic Victoria activity: going to Butchart Gardens. This is a great date in both the Winter and in the Summer. In the Winter there is the 12 Days of Christmas display and during the Summer they have their fireworks nights - which is an insane set up.

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10 Victoria B.C. Date Ideas
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