• Samantha

We Got a New Dishwasher!

Hi friends,

about a month ago our dishwasher broke. It was tragic. The last thing I want to do after working for 12 hours is to hand wash our dishes. I know Cameron can do it, and he did a couple times, but we made a deal that he cooks and I wash the dishes; which was a much better deal when we had a working dishwasher haha!

This is our old dishwasher:

The installer came in the morning and did what they do. He took out our old dishwasher which revealed this wallpaper I didn't know we had behind there!

Here is the new dishwasher:

So much more sleek! However, the back legs didn’t work (to level out the dishwasher if we wanted to lift it to be the same height as the counter and have no gap) but at that point he had been at our house for roughly 4 hours and I just wanted to continue my day and have a dishwasher so we kept it the way it was because it doesn't affect the dishwasher's job.

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