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Top 3 Best Whistler Restaurants

Hi Friends,

I don't ski but right now is ski season so lots of my friends are heading up to Whistler so I wanted to share my favorite Whistler restaurants (in no particular order).

The Warehouse (aka El Furniture Warehouse). If you know Cam and I's dating story, you know I used to take him to The Warehouse almost every time he visited me in Vicotria, so I was very excited to see one in Whistler. Everything (besides alcohol) at The Warehouse is $5.95, the portions are good, and I really like the quality of food. They have something for everyone. I love going here because I can order a frickin' buffet for the same price as other restaurants.

Sorry, I don't have any photos of us at the Warehouse, I was too excited to eat it all.

Rim Rock Cafe. It's not really a cafe, it is a restaurant. It was very good quality. We went during the off-season and they had a three-course dinner deal where you got 3 courses for (almost) the price of one.

Sidecut, inside the Four Season Hotel. This one is my all-time favorite restaurant in Whistler. It is more expensive but great for a romantic dinner. Their steelhead fish with broccolini was the best I ever had (and I do order that at a number of restaurants). I also want to add, we went here on our honeymoon and Sidecut gave us a free dessert and champagne.

What is your favorite place to eat in Whistler?

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