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The Story Behind O'Lumiére

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

You guys! I launched a 100% essential oil, soy wax, wood wick candle company!

We were sitting on the couch at cameron's parents house on December 31 2020 when Cameron leaned over to me and whispered "why don't we start a candle company?"

We were up all night the next few days just planning!

I was out of a job for a few months and had already been talking to Cam about drop shipping home decor, something he didn't really encourage lol. So I thought candles would be a great way to fill our time and give Cameron and I something to bond over.

Although we go through a lot of candles at our house I never really bought many before . I didn't like the packaging of many and wanted something simple, neutral, classy, and textured to match my house. that or something totally neoclassical and completely out there (but that's even more $$$ to make and not many other people voted on those containers).

It took LITERALLY OVER 3 MONTHS just to find a supplier to make the candle jar that I liked.

Cameron and I were set on soy wax since we didn't want toxic candles. and a wood wick because we love a good campfire crackle. Fun fact: we have a fire place and fire pit at our house. Cam's parents have two fireplaces, and our grandparents have 6 (at one house).

I was telling my nutritionist friend, Katarina, about how we wanted to use soy wax so they weren't so toxic and she asked me if I'd be using synthetic fragrance oil or not. She said she didn't know of any non-toxic, soy wax, essential oil candle companies in Canada - only the US. So we started looking into essential oils because we learnt how toxic fragrances are and were convinced.

I started talking to one of my dear friends, who is a cancer survivor, about O'Lumiére and she was so excited because she said she was a candle lover but can't have all the toxic ingredients in her house since they increase the chances of cancer. That's when I knew we really had something.

I thought back to Cam's family's experience... his brother had kidney failure so his grandma gave up a kidney for his brother and then 10 years later when that kidney expired, his dad gave one up too. And I remembered that people with one kidney need to be really careful to keep toxins out of their bodies as well. Although everyone should be careful.

It wasn't until May, when the supplier sent us a picture of the jars ready to be shipped and we recieved them in July. From then on we continued our MONTHS of testing to get the perfect scents and planning for our launch.

We launched on September 1st 2021 and it is live for you to shop.

I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of BTS and knowing the heart behind the brand <3

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Oct 09, 2021


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