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Renter Friendly Home Upgrades

Hi friends,

as many of you know Cameron and I are currently renting. Luckily we love our place so it doesn't need much work. However, we still have to keep in mind the fact we are renting whenever we do anything. I am lucky because working in film I have learnt a lot of hacks for how to improve or completely change a space without damaging the rental at all.

1) Hardware

Switch out the hardware on your drawers and cabinets to update the look of your rental. This one should be simple enough that you don't need photos.

2) Peel & Stick Wallpaper

There are lots of possibilities with peel and stick wallpaper; Make an accent wall, change all of the walls, or only do the bottom half of the wall. We used peel and stick wallpaper all the time in film!

3) Command Strips

3M's will be your best friends: command hooks and Velcro's are used for EVERYTHING in film. I have them all over my house as well. They don't cause any damage and can be used for almost anything:

  • hanging frames

  • hanging mirrors, wreathes, and other wall decor

  • adding boarding to your walls without damaging the walls.

4) Hang Lights

Hanging lights make such a difference -- Just look at my TikTok video:

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