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Our First Home!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Hi Friends, I am so excited to share this post with you today! It is so much fun having a place of ourselves that we can really make feel like a home. Also, I am excited to share with you my FREEBIE, a new house packing list, for anyone who subscribes to my email list!

Already a lot of work has been done. We changed the walls from this minty color to Sherwin Williams' Alabaster. We thought this was more modern and we both prefer neutrals. The back porch was completely re-done as the old one was mush, a new furnace was installed, and the kitchen skylight fixed. I feel so blessed that Cam's grandparents, who we are renting from, have been so flexible and accommodating.

Cameron had been living here for a month before the wedding, so I had time to slowly start moving my stuff in, but now I am officially all moved in! The house is basically all set up now since we have opened all of our wedding gifts, so all that's left is upgrading some of the decorating.

The place definitely has some quirks but it is very lovable. My favorite part of the house are the pantry and office doors, fireplace, sliding glass door, and skylights. Get ready for lots of home and interior posts friends!

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