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Our Annual End of Year/Christmas Letter

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Hi Friends,

One tradition around Christmas I love is doing my end of year Christmas letter! I remember my mom used to swap letters with a friend in Wyoming named KT each year and one year we even flew out to visit her for her wedding. It was such a fun vacation but it taught me a bit about how to stay in contact with those you care about even if you never get to see each other anymore. It's like "I love and care about you and I'm cheering you on from the sidelines"

I have a friend Katarina who was actually the one who kicked my butt into gear when she first sent me a Christmas card during university or my first year married (I can't remember) and I thought "oh! We are old enough to do this!??" And I had to send her one back and that is what started my annual Christmas letter!

Anyways without further ado here we go (ps previous years will be linked at bottom)

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