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O'Lumiére Candles are now in Maven!

Have you heard the news!? O’Lumière candles are now in a real store! I feel like I’ve made it 🥰

I was working on O'lumiére last December 2020 and this year they are now in a REAL STORE! ONLY 2 MONTHS AFTER LAUNCHING!

After years of working in Fort Langley while in university I got an idea for O’Lumière. The goal for O’Lumière was a non-toxic candle (artificial fragrance free & paraffin wax free) that was still cute & a $$ Fort Langley lover would still enjoy.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my friends or family & especially not without my lovely husband, Cameron 💕✨ so thank you!

👉🏻Go check them out in the store so you can give them a smell. As always, order online at O’Lumiè

thank you all for your support this far!

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