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Nightstand Essentials: What to Keep on Your Nightstand

Hi friends,

Today I am sharing nightstand essentials. ALL the essentials - Nothing is off the list. If it's in my bedside table it is in this blog post... no need to rummage through my drawers after this; I list it all here.


Anyone else's mind just keep running at night? I find it so hard to turn my brain off and when I do, Cameron normally is in the mood to talk and gets my brain running 100 miles a minute again. That's why melatonin is my saving grace.

Makeup wipes

I am definitely one of those girls who constantly forgets (or is too lazy) to take off her makeup... that's why I love having makeup wipes in my bedstead drawers.

Phone charger


Ring holder

Or a trinket holder. It keeps all your necessities right there and organized.

Lip chap

I also keep my lineige lip mask there too.


Just in case. I have tissue boxes everywhere, even mini ones in all of my purses and coat pockets.

Essential oils

These can be a life saver! Put some lavender on your pillow for relaxation. Or if your man snores, some peppermint essential oil really comes in handy.

Vagina wipes

YOU KNEW we were going to talk about sex. Like hello, I'm not going to hide the fact that items for sex are very important. Since it is Summer the hoo-ha can get a little hot down there - and not in the hot and heavy sexy kind of way. Water based vagina wipes that don't wreck your PH balance are so important. This is the brand I have: linked here.


Sometimes you're in a rush... what can I say?

I'm not linking this because there are so many different factors and you just choose what works for you



I'm not going to link this. you just choose what you like



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