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My First Time in Kelowna

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Hi friends,

Last weekend was my first weekend (ever) in Kelowna! We went up Thursday night since I work from home on Fridays I was able to work from the lake so that was nice to be able to work from the lake.

The next morning I was woken up by Cam at 5 am (who then, after waking me up, proceeded to go back to sleep) so I was able to get a lot of my work done for the day so that I could get off early. Gotta look for the silver lining in everything.

We stayed the weekend at Cam’s parents‘ place. It was in this really cute community that had a pool, hot tub, some swings, was right in the lake, and was a 3 minute walk to Frind winery. Did you know Frind winery was started by the guy who started Plenty of Fish?

It was just a very relaxing weekend. Lots of time on the lake, went shopping, and swimming.

Was kind of hoping to see Jillian Harris but that didn’t happen 😂. That's okay.

Before leaving we had lunch at the Kelowna Yacht Club which was delish. One of the best parts about being marries is that you always have someone to go 50/50 with you - like if you want to try two different plates one person orders one and the other orders the other and then you share. So I was happy to have both fish and chips AND the cauliflower salad. And of course all these appetizers since Cam's parents had so much food credit to use up - thanks guys!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend and Kelowna is definitely a place I would love to visit again.

Who knows, maybe one time I will run into Jillian Harris ;) ?

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