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My Bachelorette Party


A bachelorette party is like a right of passage. About as important as a girl's 16th (and 19th) birthday. When COVID hit it changed a lot of plans. Planning a pandemic friendly bachelorette party was quite a job. However, Missy did an incredible job.

I was quite hands-on because I knew what I wanted: to try something new, go for a nice dinner, and then to have a girls sleepover. But it was really Missy who did it all.

My Bachelorette party was hosted at Cam and I's future house. We got their early and had Popeyes for lunch. It was my first time trying Popeyes and it was so good! I just can't believe you can get corn with your chicken and it comes with the best biscuit I've ever had. I was in awe. Then the girls decorated (since they wanted it to be a surprise) while I distracted myself with some wedding planning calls.

For the class, we did an ariel class. I remember being a kid and going to vegas with my family to watch the circus and looking with awe at the girls on the silks. I even thought of joining the circus when I was in grade (I mostly just wanted the sparkly leotard haha). We split in half and one did ariel silks and the other half did hoops, then we switched. I, personally, thought silks were easier than hoops. The next morning I definitely felt my upper abs... and lots of bruises. But it was a great time!

After the ariel class, we ordered Greek from Galini’s. It was so delish! Because COVID we didn't go out to eat but ate at home. Missy set it up real nice and fancy with lights and candles and champagne flutes. The rest of the night was games, shots, penis candies, and good late-night conversation.

In the morning Missy made us all a pancake breakfast, decorated with fresh fruit. She really went above and beyond, but I didn't take any photos.

I really appreciated all of my closest friends coming out to celebrate me, and our soon-to-be marriage. I couldn't have asked for a better time. And I love being able to say I have now done the ariel silks.

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