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Hi friends,

I hope you are all keeping well. This past weekend we decided to go on the boat.

It started with an early morning. We set sail at 8 am, which meant I needed to wake up at 6. I have gotten so used to sleeping in because of my covid summer routine.

We had so much fun on our boat trip a year ago. Last year we went to the Ritchie brothers' island (my favorite stop so far because it has such beautiful walks and many trails. It's like a secret garden.), Campbell River, & Blind Bay. Last year we played bocce ball and did lots of kayaking. You can see my photos I posted on IG below.

This trip a chef from Toronto was hired and we went to all new stops. Our first stop was Victoria to see my family. On the way there Cam and I fell asleep at the front of the boat. I find that the sway of the waves just rocks me to sleep whenever I am on the boat. My sister's birthday was this week so I was able to give my sister her gift in person. I always miss my family, so it was really nice to see them again.

The next day we left for Salt Spring. It is hard to find much to do in Salt Spring on a Sunday, as many of their stores are closed. This resulted in lots of time to go fishing. Cam's brother loves fishing off the side of the boat, so this year cam and I joined. It was my first time fishing and honestly it isn't really my thing, but I do enjoy watching the fish swim around the bait. I even caught some!

Bowen Island was a great stop! It had lots of walks to do, which I always enjoy. With a field hosting horseshoe and corn hole, walks nearby, and little stores along the field: It was definitely made for boating. We did a little Hike to the lookout as well. Bowen Island, provided us with much to do which I appreciate.

My favorite things about being on the boat don't change, despite where we go. I love the rocking back and forth when traveling, it always puts us to sleep. Having lots of fresh air is always nice. With a different stop planned for the boat each trip, it provides lots of new places to walk each day and a change of scenery. Last but not least, the chocolate seed bark they always have on the boat. Those are my favorite things about boating.

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