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How to Make Money From Your Class Notes: Le Stuvia Review

Updated: Mar 12

Hi Friends,

If you enjoy trying different things to try to make a pretty penny then this post is for you. I am the same and am in the process of writing blog posts on tons of different things/sites I have tried to make money on. This one is a great passive income and is easier than being an *accountant* . Today I am telling you all about my experience on Le Stuvia.

I was really interested in finding a way to make some extra cash but since I work 12 hours a day in film, I don't have much time or energy to be bothered. So when I heard I could sell old class notes and assignments online I thought it was a great idea.However, I went to a private university so I wasn't expecting much.

I made an account and started uploading my documents. This is the worst part and the first place of improvement that I would recommend to Stuvia: uploading sucks. Heres why: You can upload a whole class' worth of notes but you still have to re-enter the same basic information on every single document (school name, subject, class, description, etc). It would save a lot of time if some information like school name and class/subject could be carried over.

You can upload each document individually and create bundles (with a discount) or bundles to organize the classes as well.

I don't promote my notes at all, since I don't really expect much from it and I figure it's just sitting on my laptop anyways so this is a better option, but two weeks after having them sit up there someone bought an item I listed for $4. I was still impressed because I figured "there's my Starbucks drink covered." a few weeks later someone bought one of my class bundles and I earned $20.

Obviously Stuvia takes a cut of the price but overall I think it is going well. I have made more than I would've if I just kept them on my laptop.

I think this is a great idea, especially if you go to a big school like UBC, UVIC, Michigan State, etc.

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