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Le Jardin Restaurant: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Hi friends,

Growing up I never understood why someone would ever pay to go to a fancy place and have such small portions. Are they out of their mind!? Well, last night Cam's grandparents took us out for dinner to a new place in White Rock B.C., they had just been introduced to: Le Jardin.

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Walking in Le Jardin had a very eclectic interior design. What makes Le Jardin so cool though is the work behind it and the experience you receive because of it. The restaurant is only a year old, started by the wife (Mary) who is the chef and the husband (Quinn) who is the server. Many of the vegetables are picked from their garden, and the meats they handpick. Most things are organic, clean, and locally sourced. Each week there is a different menu because of what they can find.

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The meal took four hours. We ordered the 3 meal taster with wine pairings. It was a full event. I liked it though because of two main reasons. First, it gave us time to digest between plates, making the small portions feel more filling. Second, because it didn't feel nearly that long. Quinn was very knowledgeable about everything we were having, and, much like a wine tasting, took the time to explain all the details of our meal and wine pairings.

The three meals I chose for mine were as follows:

Halibut and corn chowder. This was made from fresh BC halibut, corn from Chilliwack, and peppers. This was a great dish to start off with. I enjoyed it a lot.

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Steelhead Trout. This was made with wild pan-seared steelhead, which is interesting because most places buy farmed steelhead since wild steelhead is harder to come by. Then it had a blueberry salsa and buerre blanc. The fish tasted very similar to salmon, which I liked, and the sauce on this was amazing. This plate was by far my favorite. If I could have a meal of this with some asparagus and smashed cauliflower, I would be living my best life haha.

Finally, I had the Spaghetti Squash Ravioli. Mary made the spaghetti squash and then it was put with a vanilla saffron cream sauce. I am by no means a chef, but I personally would have added some more salt to this one.

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The food was amazing. The service was wonderful. I had an excellent time, and like I said before it was like a full-on event. Great to do for a nice evening out. I was very excited about each new thing and to hear about the details behind each plate. The conversation at our table never ran dry, as it was such a different experience than what you normally get at a restaurant.

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