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I Got A Job!

Friends! Family! I know y'all have been praying for me! It has been a year since I had a paying job in PR/Marketing/SMM and FINALLY I have one!

I was going to wait to post this until my 3 month probation period finished but people are finding out anyways so I wanted to let ya'll know that I am working as an Account Coordinator for Search and Rescue Marketing.

I loved working in film, and I am going to miss it -- hopefully someone will ask me to do a commercial one day so I can come back a bit-- but this was always my long term goals and my plan. It also is a bit of a more reliable and sustainable job for me.

I am so happy to be working at a marketing firm where I can handle multiple accounts. Currently I have 14 accounts that I manage right now. I also have the opportunity to schedule and outline photoshoots and film shoots for the companies which is quite exciting.

Because I get asked the same questions by my family all the time haha...My role primarily includes:

  • Social Media Management + Coordination

  • Create graphics, captions, and hashtag strategy for clients

  • Schedule social media posts for clients

  • Posts to be provided to clients for review via a proof

  • Account Management

  • Schedule client e-mail campaigns and text message campaigns

  • Follow up with clients as required

  • Ensuring proofing of posts

  • Schedule + Provide Details for client video + photo shoots

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