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How to make Friends as an adult in your 20s

It was my first year university and I was rooming with another girl my height who also loves fashion and pink and having bubbly fun. Her name was Lindsay and she told me I was the sister she always wanted, and she was the best friend I always wanted. Someone so I could be friends with for the rest of my life and look back when we are older with our husbands and kids at our fun university days together.

That’s the dream for every girl going into university isn’t it?

However as the year went on our friendship seem to dwindle away. She found other friends who like to count calories with her and I was left there unable to participate in the conversation (because #boring). The following year she left university and the city without even telling me. That is when I knew for sure that our friendship was dead and it never meant as much to her as it did to me.

Then it was Dani my new forever friend. I stayed at her basement suite almost as often as I stayed in my dorm room. We went out partying, shared clothes, did bible study together, & both loved watching sports. She had such a special place in my heart. But she was busy with her boyfriend and I had other friends to fill my time. Until one day she gave me an ultimatum to big for me to take: her or my other friends. And that was the end of Dani and I. Sad but true. She also ended up moving away.

I gave up & became hopeless. Was I just not meant to find a sister to be my forever friend?

Now each girl I saw looked like another broken heart. A friendship that would only eventually end.

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How to make friends

  1. Make friends to friends you already have do a group event

  2. Sit by somebody new at church

  3. Start interacting with people on Instagram and TikTok

  4. Join a life group or interest group

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