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How Does Your Social Media Content Align With Your Business Goals?

We have all had that moment while scrolling on social media when we just scroll and think “don’t care… don’t care… don’t care”.... hopefully you are not saying that now.

Having relevant content that adds value to your audience is essential. We want them to stop in the street, like this guy, because they are interested in what they are seeing.

Unsure how to add value to your target audience? The 4 E’s of adding value are:

  • Educating

  • Entertaining

  • Engaging

  • Empowering

Not sure what these 4 E’s are all about? Well, each E actually corresponds with a stage in the sales funnel.

Entertaining content is content with an emotional trigger which is best used on people who do not know about your brand yet. A.K.A. it helps with the first step of the sales funnel: awareness

Engaging content makes your audience feel involved and their feelings of loyalty will grow. Therefore, the second stage of the sales funnel, interest, grows.

Educational Content is especially good to help new people unaware of your brand find out about you because you are answering their question AND to convince the customer that what you have is the solution to their problem. This helps lead the customers to the third step in a sales funnel: decision. The customer will decide if what you are offering is helpful and if they need/want it or not.

Empowering content’s goal is to inspire your audience to buy your product or service. In other words, you are inspiring your audience into the fourth stage of the sales funnel: action!

Let's get more in depth:


We all love a good cat fail video or inspiring story that just hits you right in the heart. Emotional content is likely to create a deeper relationship with your audience and contributes to brand loyalty. It relies heavily on triggering an emotional response. Emotional content works best for people who aren’t aware of your brand yet or haven’t chosen you as the solution to their problem.

This is also a great opportunity to show that you understand your customer and, who knows, maybe they will reshare it!


Engage your audience. Start a conversation! Share a post that gives people the opportunity to share their own experiences, thoughts, or ideas. Make your audience feel involved and their feelings of loyalty will grow.

What are some of your favourite ways to engage your audience? Comment below!


To empower your audience is to inspire them - primarily to push them farther down the sales funnel. There are many ways to empower your audience: You can make content they will want to save for later to replicate, reassure them of your dedication, or inspire them to submit their photos to your page to be featured. Primarily the goal, however, is to inspire them to buy your product or service. Endorsements/reviews and ratings are another way to inspire the audience to purchase.

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