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Hosting a Friends Christmas Party

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Hi Friends,

Each year being married Cam and I have decided to throw a friends Christmas party. We invite all of our closest friends for a potluck dinner where everyone signs up to bring something and Cam and I provide the turkey/ham.

During the meal we do a bit of a Christmas devotional and "friend family" prayer because Jesus is the reason for the season. Afterwards it's just fun and games.


I hate the heavy clean up that happens after hosting a big dinner so this year I decided to get some disposable plates & Christmas napkins from the dollar store. Just to make it so I only have to do 2 rounds of dishes instead of three haha 😅

however if I had lots of money (and multiple dishwashers) I would probably set up more like these:

It is so important to have some planned activities - especially if not everybody really knows each other. We play a round of white elephant where everyone brings a $10 gift and then we swap them around until every secret gift has a place.

This year Maddie lead a 3 round game of charades which was absolutely hilarious! The first round you can describe it, the second you can only say 1 word, and the third is all acting!

If it snows we do some sledding on our hill and at the end of the night there is hot cocoa and a movie for whoever wants to stay up to watch.

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