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Hi Friends,

Today I put together a list of items you need on your registry. Personally, I loved reading these lists before making our registry. For your convenience, I added the links to each title so you can just click on each bold heading if you want to know exactly where it is from and how much it is. These are all items I put on my wedding registry, and I hope it inspires yours as well.

Cute Kitchen Utensils

How cute are these! I chose pink because it is my favorite color, and our accent color, but you can obviously choose whatever your favorite color is. The point is that these are something you need in your house anyways, so why not get a set that you want to show off? Then it is not only something practical but it also gives a pop of color to your kitchen.

A Modern Wall Clock

This rose gold modern wall clock is so cute! Although most of us look at our phones for the time, clocks are still important pieces to have in the home. A clock is classic, although now it is used less as a timepiece and more as decoration. We like this clock provides a nice pop of gold and a great focal point.

This Chevron Bedding Set

I love the chevron print on this bed set. I think it adds a nice textured look to a room. This set is made out of cotton which is supposed to be very durable and preserve it's look well.

A Rope Basket

A rope basket not only provides organization but it also adds softness and texture to a room. I originally put this on the list to put one of my many plants in. However, now I have decided to use it to hold our throw blankets. I am very excited to have this in our living room.

A Dinnerware Set

A good dinnerware set is very important. You want to make sure you have not only enough for your family but also if you have guests over, so plan accordingly and ask for that number. I want everything in our house to be a bit of a statement, including our plates and bowls. I have been really admiring pottery recently. I think it is so beautiful how it isn't perfect but that is what makes it perfect. This dinnerware set reminds me of something hand made and I like that about it.

Which items do you think are must haves for a registry?

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