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Looking Back & Looking Forward

Hi Friends,

Looking back at 2020, I'm sure most people would agree it was a crazy year. The general public thinks of 2020 as a wasted year. And although it was definitely not a normal year, it still held many good things. I thought today I would reflect on 2020.

We got engaged on January 4th, starting the year off with a bang! You can read all about it and see all the pictures HERE. The wedding planning festivities (engagement parties, planning, bridal showers, bachelorette, etc.) carried on throughout the year. A really busy but exciting time. Though I’d be lying if we didn’t consider eloping a couple of times .

However, despite the covid regulations changing the plan, we had a very beautiful wedding and a wonderful October day. For our honeymoon, we went to whistler and ate so much good food! I’ll be posting wedding photos soon (on social and my blog) but until then here are a couple:

Covid hit.

During Covid I started my blog. Then youtube, tiktok, paler, and others followed.

Both of my Grandpa's passed away and we couldn't have a proper funeral for either.

Cameron and I started walking 2 hours each day because we were so bored and everything was shut down.

Cameron and I graduated from university this spring.

After graduating Cameron continued working for a subsidiary of Skidmore Group, throughout the pandemic. Whereas I had less luck finding a job during covid and started working three unpaid PR internships. Recently I have started working as a set decorator and buyer for two hallmark movies, including A Glenbrooke Christmas. I have surprisingly really enjoying my time working in film, although it is a lot of hard work and 12 hour days, it goes by fast and is always entertaining.

During the Summer, after Covid rules relaxed but before they got strict again, we went on a trip to Oliver and did wine tastings, and we went on a yatch cruise where I went fishing for the first time.

We have moved into our new home and it is adorable. I have loved decorating it and making it our own!

So it is hard for me to join the bandwagon and say that 2020 was a terrible or waste of a year. Because there were a lot of great, life-changing things that happened in it. I hope 2021 will bring lifted covid restrictions and it will go back to normal. But I also hope that people will still keep focusing on mental health, boundaries, and growth.

Goals for 2021:

  • Launch new podcast episodes

  • Workout more (covid killed me)

  • Have a stable job

  • Provide value with my content. (I started this by adding a Shop section to the blog)

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