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Glow vs Aurora

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Christmas is coming! And what does that mean? So are the Christmas light festivals. On the West coast of the lower mainland there are really only two big light festivals in competition: Glow and Aurora. Here I will unpack both of them so you can decide where to best Instagram your Winter festivities.

Glow is the oldest and first of its kind here in BC, maybe all of Canada. It has locations internationally, you can click here if you want to look at the different locations. It is an Indoors light display. Having it be indoors limits space but brings the big advantage that you are not chilly during your visit. The parking at Glow was free, along with all activities (besides purchases while shopping) inside. I thoroughly enjoyed playing put-put golf at Glow and not having to pay extra to do so. Glow has been in the game longer, so their set was more Instagrammable. However, Glow was also quite crowded so it could be hard to take a picture because of the many people around.

Aurora takes place outdoors in the heart of Vancouver and just opened last year. The downside of Aurara was that after we paid for parking, and obviously our tickets to get in, we still had to pay for each thing we wanted to do inside the grounds. This severely limited what we did. However, we did get to go on my favorite: the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel was so much fun and something that could not take place indoors. The Instagrammable part of Aurara is called the "light maze". I put some pictures from the light maze in with the photos. The light maze wasn't as cute but Aurora did have more food vendors. Aurora also had a Santa show for kids and a good food truck area. I heard Aurora is moving and expanding this year.

side by side comparison of glow verses aurora light show vancouver. side by side comparison of glow verses aurora light show vancouver.

Let me know in the comments which one you prefer!

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