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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Hi Friends,

Father's Day is on it's way so I thought it would be helpful to share a Father's Day gift guide where I share some gift ideas to give your dad this Father's Day.

Ove Glove

My family loves our Ove Glove! It is an oven mitt/glove that has grippy rubber on it and works WAY better than any other old oven glove I have used. It resists heat much better and it is so nice to be able to use your fingers while wearing an oven glove.

Fun Socks

My dad isn't very exploratory with his fashion. BUT he does enjoy a fun sock set! I think it is a nice way to show some personality if you aren't as adventurous with your style.

2 Pack of Basic Tees

I don't know about the men in your life but my men love items off their list that are practical. I put so much thought, care, and love into Cameron's gifts and then one year I just wasn't feeling like doing so much work so I just went and got him a black hoodie he had been saying he wanted and I kid you not - that is his favourite present I have ever gave him.

Dad Mug

My dad enjoys his fun mugs. If we need a safe backup gift for him that is a good one. This is such cute mug that he can read each morning and I bet it will make him smile.


My dad lives in his shorts. He loves to wear them with a T-shirt or with a sweater, doesn't matter. I feel like I should insert a picture from middle class fancy here but it is what it is haha.


Ties are a nice gift to give. Before my dad switched jobs, from one where he wore ties daily to one that is much more casual, I used to love buying him ties as a gift. I picked a pack that included a fun one as well as a basic staple, however they have many other sets of two.

Moisturizer / SPF

Do your dad (and mom) a favour and buy him some moisturizer/SPF. Many men (that I know) don't go out and buy anything for skincare - not even the basics! But it'll save him all summer (and winter if you teach him that SPF is a year round staple) and I am sure he will be grateful for it.

Crew Neck

I love to buy my dad sweaters as a present. I think I get him one for every occasion.

What are you getting your dad for Father's Day? Let me know in the comments!

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