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Fall Decor Wishlist

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hi friends,

I just got back from my honeymoon in Whistler. In a normal year all of my fall decor up on October 1st. However, since I am newly married and still unpacking our new house, I have had zero time. So today is a post about what I would buy if I had already decorated my house for fall.

First is the porch, since that's the first impression a person gets of a house. For the porch, I would put large flower arrangements up. I would also put an arrangement of lanterns up. I chose these lanterns off of amazon because they are pretty modern looking and I like that they are rose gold. Some candles inside the lanterns are a must, but you don't want to risk any animals knocking them over so these flameless flickering candles are a must.

Next, to adorn the door is a wreath. I like this one off amazon because it is big and screams fall. Under the wreath is the welcome mat. I chose this one because the plaid is quite fitting for fall but it can also transition well through Christmas. Last but certainly not least are pumpkins from the local pumpkin patch. Cameron and I just picked up three pumpkins yesterday as they are an absolute must!

The living room is the next easiest place to go nuts with fall decor. I would star with a large cozy couch blanket like this knit one. Next on the couch are cushion covers. These classic knit cushion covers are adorable for year-round decor. Candles always add instant coziness to a room. This set is so cute and has favorite fall scents! I think some faux pumpkins on the mantle, shelves, and coffee table is always cute. This here is a six-piece white pumpkin pack.

I don't have many ideas for the dining room, but I thought this centerpiece was cute! I also have a cute gold owl wall scent plugin from Bed, Bath, and Beyond which I keep in the dining room. I've also seen chesnuts used as a table decor during fall and that can look really nice too.

The kitchen can be hard to decorate because there's a lot of things that need to be up on the counter. My favorite way to accessorize the kitchen is through tea towels. tea towels! These can be found just about anywhere. I thought this sign could be really cute on a kitchen wall. Another idea for the kitchen would be to switch out your fruit bowl with a wooden one.

What are your favorite items for fall decorating?

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