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Easy Lunch Idea: Rice Wraps

Hi Friends,

You guys I went on my friends boat with her family and family friends and one mom brought these most delicious rice wraps. You will probably enjoy these even if you don’t particularly enjoy salad - it’s more fun to eat than salad and you get all the same benefits! I have been telling everyone about these and today I am telling you :)


  • Vietnamese rice wraps

  • Carrots sliced the long way

  • Lettuce

  • Bell peppers sliced

  • Peanut sauce

  • Spicy chipotle mayo

  • Whatever else you want to put in (rice noodles, chicken, etc)


  1. put rice wrap under water for 5-10 seconds

  2. add sauces

  3. add whatever else you want

  4. fold top and bottom of wrap in

  5. roll wrap from one side to the other

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