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Easy Home Art Hack DIY: Canvas Painting from the Internet

Hi Friends,

Do you ever see art prints you wish you could have but don't want to pay for? Have a girls crafts night coming up? I am going to share with you the easiest way to copy a drawing onto a canvas for your own art in your home. Video at the bottom.

Step 1: Find a Picture You Like

For me I wanted a painting of two hands making a pinky promise.

Step 2: Grid

Find an app or website to put a grid on the picture. There's tons of free ones and it's really easy to find. Then copy the number of lines/the grid onto your canvas.

Step 2: Fill in Boxes

Fill in the boxes on the canvas so each box looks the same as the correlating box on the photo's grid. This is much easier than trying to copy a whole photo. Instead of worrying about the whole picture you can just think "okay so theres a line that goes diagonal from the right bottom corner to the middle of the right side of the box." It is much more manageable.

Step 3: Paint

This also gives you a chance to clean up your painting a bit. See video below.

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